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Cycling Verbier? No Sweat!

Have you heard the boom of the eBikes exploding through the Alps? Nestled in the Alpine glory of Switzerland’s Valais canton, Verbier is stunningly beautiful. Imagine effortlessly winding through the Alps with the wind swishing through your hair and the sun on your back, quietly discussing the scenery with a companion. eBikes aren’t just easing the pain of hill climbing, they’re changing the face of cycling. There’s even a new festival in Verbier celebrating their popularity. To the cycling purists, eBiking will always be cheating – especially when you effortlessly whizz by them on an arduous mountain climb. To most though, eBikes are the smart choice and all too often the purists are quietly swapping their carbon fibre bespoke Bianchi’s for an eBike and giving in to the lure of the electric motor. And if you can’t beat them…

Recommended Routes

Verbier provides unlimited access to fantastic mountain bike routes when the ski lifts are open from July to the end of August but getting to the top of those mountains once the lifts close is a long, hard slog, and nobody’s getting any younger. The good news though is that Verbier’s vast spaciousness feels like an exhilarating breath of fresh and the cliché of Switzerland as a tonic for good health feels especially relevant right now.

eBiking up and down the Alpine slopes is bound to get your adrenaline (and heart) pumping. The Verbier eBike Festival provides signposted routes around Verbier and Le Châble. We’d highly recommend the Rando Gourmande which is a scenic route punctuated with four gastronomical stops, each providing local treats such as pastries, meats, cheeses, wines and local beers. An eBike ride in and around Verbier is guaranteed to deliver lifelong memories. It will also deliver thigh burn and bum ache, but don’t let this put you off. The eBike provides almost all the power, which is very much needed on the sheer uphill stretches but finishing the route will feel like a huge achievement. After all, why let the eBike take all the credit? The Verbier eBike Festival runs from 11th to 14th August and caters to all levels of biking experience, otherwise our team offer cycling packages throughout the year.

An eBike enables you to enjoy riding up hills, as well as letting you race down them. Throughout the Alps there’s a mix of fire road and single-track climbs that ascend from 1,200 to over 2,000 metres and, when tackling them on a normal bike, it’s not exactly a fun experience. Desperately gulping at the thinning air, struggling to sight the trail ahead as the sweat trickles down the lenses of your sunglasses. On an eBike, you may still have to make some effort but the motor (which have four levels of “assist”) reduces the effort enough for you to enjoy the scenery and the pine-scented air as you wind up through the forest to emerge above the tree line.

Join the boom of the eBikes!

Rather than having to stop to compose yourself, an eBike enables you to take in the views, drinking in a spectacular Alpine panorama of deep green valley’s rising to high peaks, with the snow-capped Mont Blanc massif above. What’s more, on a regular mountain bike, after a days riding in the Alps most of us would have little energy left for an evening’s entertainment. Whereas on an eBike you’ll have plenty of energy left to soak up the evening’s entertainment in unrivalled luxury with our team on hand to cater to your every whim. In fact we’d go as far as to say an eBike is the key to unlocking the joys of Verbier during the summer months, allowing you to rediscover the area without its winter snows, providing everyone the chance to ride a bike through the most beautiful mountains in the world.