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Ski holidays don’t have the greenest of reputations but here at Ski Verbier Exclusive, we are making every effort to be more eco-friendly.

Protecting our Winters

Protecting our winters and the mountain environment from the looming climate emergency is obviously very important to us. The northern hemisphere has already lost a million square miles of spring snowpack since 1970. We are therefore taking steps to save our winters by reducing both our carbon footprint and our waste.

Shopping Locally

By sourcing our food locally, not only have we reduced our carbon footprint but we are also buying fresher and tastier ingredients.  Using independent suppliers such as the Verbier boucherie, boulangerie, chocolaterie and fromagerie is also helping to support the local economy.

Reducing Single Use Plastic

We no longer use miniature bathroom amenities but have adopted Bamford Organic‘s refillable system . We have also introduced glass jars with cosmetic pads and paper stemmed cotton wool buds, rather than offering individually wrapped items.

Although bottled mineral water is available on request, we serve fresh Alpine water to our chalet guests.  Not only do we think it tastes better, but as a result there has been a significant reduction in our waste.  Similarly, we have removed the plastic water bottles from our driving service.

Energy Saving

Several of our chalets have recently converted to environmentally-friendly wood-chip boiler systems and ozone technology swimming pools.  In addtion, we are changing all chalet lightbulbs to energy-saving varieties.

Verbier Green

Our chalet teams are all fully trained in local recycling regulations, with waste separated by hand. We also work closely with an amazing local enterprise called Verbier Green who help us ensure that all recyclable materials, including food waste, are properly recycled! ⁠Any food waste is converted into bio diesel and compost for the farmers of Valais; powering their tractors and nourishing the local fields! Verbier Green help us reduce, reuse and recycle to protect our beautiful environment and in turn to protect our winters.


Verbier is proud to say that 100% of the electricity powering its lift system is from zero-carbon hydro-electric production. Banks of solar panels on the lift buildings are used to provide electricity as well as hot water for many of the mountain restaurants. Switzerland has the highest density of dams in the world (220), and the highest gravity dam is in the canton of Valais! The 285-metre-high Grande Dixence generates energy for 500,000 households each year! Téléverbier has an ambitious environmental programme; planned projects include eradicating plastic from its restaurants and replacing its piste bashers and snowmaking equipment with greener models.