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Summer Yoga in Verbier

Surrounded by stunning alpine scenery and spectacular hiking trails, step into your season of health and fitness with a revitalising week of yoga, meditation, and an immersion into nature. Summer Yoga in Verbier and long summer days give ample time for hiking, exploring Verbier’s stunning terrain, and enjoying a massage.

The yoga programmes we offer focus on cleansing, healing, and uplifting your state of mind and physical wellbeing.  Our yoga teachers are highly trained and experienced in leading mixed level groups, offering modifications for beginners and greater levels of challenge for advanced yogis. Morning classes are in the Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga style, focussing on breathing and movement. Afternoon classes may include Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, pranayama and mindfulness meditation, composed to calm and balance your body and mind.

Start your day with fresh mountain air and an invigorating 90-minute vinyasa flow yoga session. A slow warm-up leads into an energetic sequence, linking strength and balance poses with vitalising breath work.  Following your yoga class, how about an exquisite gourmet brunch to prepare you for a rejuvenating day ahead.

This is the perfect setting for you to relax, restore and find inspiration. Whether it’s exploring one of the Verbier’s stunning hiking trails, biking through the mountains, or simply reclining on the balcony of your private chalet, bathed in the glorious alpine sunshine. Late afternoon, you reconvene for Yin Yoga and a meditation class.

Enjoy an aperitif as the sun sets over the snow-capped peaks, then sit down to a menu of delicious, healthy, wellness-based cuisine, prepared by a local chef.  After dinner, take a stroll around the picture-perfect Verbier Village, watch the stars from your balcony, or climb into bed early with a book and enjoy the deeply peaceful sleep after a day of mountain air.