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Summer Activities in Verbier

With birdsong filling the air, cowbells clanging gently in the distance, Verbier in the summer months is pure bliss.  Located in the south of Switzerland, little more than 200km from the Mediterranean and perched on a south-facing plateau 1,500m above sea level, Summer Activities in Verbier are perfect for a summer mountain break.  And with outstanding local food and wines just waiting to be discovered, it’s also a gastronomic dream.

The views across the verdant Val de Bagnes and the glacier-cloaked Combin mountain ranges are simply breathtaking.  You can spend as much or as little time as you wish soaking it all in from your sun-drenched balcony, but there is much more than as delightful as it is, because there’s just so much more to Verbier than it’s world-famous skiing. With over 800km of bike tracks and 500km of hiking trails, there’s no excuse to stay indoors. Verbier is packed full of restaurants, spas and activities making it difficult to stay away. Verbier is very much a year-round resort, which our fabulous concierge team are lucky enough to call home.

Walks and Hikes

Another Summer Activity in Verbier is to explore the Verbier wilderness. The scenery is perfect, not just for hiking, but biking and exploring too. Verbier and the Val Bagnes area has 500km of walking trails through the legendary clean Swiss air, due to the Spruce pollen that actually cleans your lungs as you breathe.

Incorporating a gentle hike into your trip is a truly magical, such as a family stroll along the Bisse du Levron trail, constructed by local monks as an irrigation channel in the fifteenth century.  The trail passes through rolling pastures and cow meadows, passing cascading waterfalls and lakes, whilst sun-bathing marmots chirp away to one another on giant boulders.

For a more challenging hike, take the trail to the pepperpot-shaped peak of Pierre Avoi, which towers over the Savoleyres side of the mountain, offering incredible 360-degree views of Verbier and the surrounds.

Local Cheeses

Food and drink play a huge part in the culture of the Verbier area and the Val de Bagnes region is famed for its Raclette cheese. Our in-resort concierge team can arrange a visit to a local fromagerie, where unpasteurised milk is delivered by the local farmers early in the morning, before the Raclette-making process begins. Milk is warmed and mixed with cultures to thicken, forming a curd before being placed in circular moulds and pressed for a designated time. It’s then turned and pressed again, and the cycle continues to remove excess liquid to reach the correct consistency.

The cheese is then submerged in a salt bath which adds flavour as well as forming a rind. Finally, the cheese is stored in cool (and carefully monitored) temperatures on wooden shelves to age. During this aging process, the cheese is washed and turned regularly by hand. The raclette cheese is stored for at least 90 days before it is ready to be sold. A delightful and highly recommended tasting session across a range of cheeses awaits your next visit.

Alternatively, we can arrange a visit into the mountain pastures of Alpage du Tronc to meet the Herens cows. These cows are a small, horned breed of alpine cattle coloured black, brown or dark red. They are bred primarily for beef but produce around 3,200kg of milk per year and are well adapted to graze on high-altitude pastures. The cows are herded in twice daily for milking and a more traditional cheese-making process takes place here.

Local Beers & Wines

If beer is more to your tastes, our team can arrange a trip to Vie Montagne, Verbier’s very-own micro brewery, complete with private members club, restaurant, gym and cocktail bar. Located on the Rue Medran in the centre of Verbier it produces six different beers, all of which are brewed on site by the resident brewer, guaranteeing that legendary Swiss freshness and crisp cleanliness.

And then of course there are the legendary Swiss wine producers. We can organise a day trip to the beautiful UNESCO World Heritage site, The Lavaux Vineyard Terraces, which stretch for 30km along the northern shores of Lake Geneva from the Chateau de Chillon to the outskirts of Lausanne.  They’re under an hour from Verbier, and well worth a visit. Alternatively, your Chalet Manager will be delighted to recommend something from the Ski Verbier Exclusive cellars to suit your tastes.

Our team are based in Verbier all year round, they know Verbier inside out and know the best spots to book a table or drop in for a drink. We’ve built long-lasting, trusted relationships with our suppliers, who have worked tirelessly to guarantee many a fantastic experience for our guests. The trusted Ski Verbier Exclusive concierge service is included in your holiday price and every member of the team is passionate about showing you everything Summer Activities in Verbier have to offer.