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Applying to work for a Luxury Chalet Company – Our Top Tips

Are you looking to work for a high-end, luxury chalet company? We are always on the lookout for exceptional people to join us and work for a ski season in Verbier. Working in the mountains all winter (December to April) is hard work, but one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. We have a year-round team based in both the Cotswolds and in Verbier and every winter employ 60 fantastic people to join our team to help operate our winter chalets. We have 19 chalets in Verbier and require a team of chefs, hosts, drivers and managers to create the ultimate skiing holiday experiences for our guests.

You may be wondering how do I even apply to work a ski season? Year after year we have hundreds of people applying for seasonal work with us in Verbier, so to make sure you stand out, read our top tips below!

Work a ski season

Before I apply:

  • First, read about us!
    Find out about us and our values here.
    Discover who are senior management team are here.
    View our Chalet collection here.
    Explore Verbier ski resort here.
  • Which role am I applying for?
    You can read about each job role here. Click on each role to find out about the responsibilities, skills required, essential requirements and the package.
  • What qualifications do I need?
    Each job role varies and the qualifications required differ depending on the position you’re applying for. Please click on each job role on our ‘Work with us’ page to see the job descriptions.
    If you’re applying for a driver role, experience of driving in the snow isn’t necessary but it is advantageous and we do look for people who have driven larger vehicles in the past.
    All applicants must be over 21 years of age, and hold a UK or EU passport to satisfy Swiss Working regulations.
  • How much experience do I need?
    Previous hospitality experience is a must as we deliver the highest levels of service to our guests. A minimum of 2 years’ experience working in the luxury hospitality sector – luxury chalets and villas, super-yachts, high-end restaurants or an events catering company. Ability to work well under pressure and to have excellent time management and organisational skills.
  • Can I apply if I am a UK passport holder?
    Yes! You must have either a UK or an EU passport, a UK National Insurance number, a UK permanent address, a UK bank account and a valid GHIC.
  • Can I apply if I don’t have a UK passport?
    Yes, we can employ people with an EU passport, providing you have a UK National Insurance number, a UK permanent address, a UK bank account and a valid GHIC.
  • Do I need to speak French?
    You do not need to speak French – although it always helps around resort!
  • Can I apply as a couple?
    Yes! We often employ couples to work for us and, providing you are both successful in the recruitment process, we can offer a private room for you to share. When applying, please ensure you both send in CVs with your individual experience. Couples can work in the same chalet together, but please note, we can’t guarantee this.

Successful Application Tips

  • Read the job description PDFs thoroughly and make sure you have the requirements and relevant experience for the role you are applying for.
  • Please look over your application, checking for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.
  • Remember, you’re against lots of other applicants, so try to stand out! Include interesting things about you, impressive previous work history or fun life experiences.
  • Many of our chefs have an impressive portfolio on their Social Media – please feel free to share your Instagram handle with us so we can view your creative food!
  • Please send your CV to with a cover letter. We aren’t expecting an essay, but something short and sweet explaining a little about you; whether you have done a ski season before, have skied before or not, which role you are applying for and why you think you are right for the job!
  • Please also include a photo of you – this doesn’t need to be a passport photo, but can be a nice photo that shows your personality whist remaining professional. Remember, we are a customer facing business (and this helps our Head of People, Sally, remember the many many people she interviews over the summer months!)

Application Process:

Please email your CV with a cover letter and a photo of you to our Head of People, Sally:

We will try to get back to you as soon as possible, please be patient as we get a lot of applicants. If you are successful, you will be contacted to arrange an online/virtual interview.
The initial interview can take up to an hour, some roles require a second interview.
If you’re applying for a chef role, please try to have some photos of your food as well as a sample menu. We advise including 3 canapes, 3 starters, 3 mains, 3 desserts.

Before arriving in Resort FAQs:

  • What’s included in the job package?
    In return for your hard work, we offer possibly the most competitive package in the Alps! This includes; A generous monthly salary, 1.5 days off a week, accommodation in Switzerland, travel to and from Verbier, uniform, food costs throughout your posting, winter ski pack including a 4 Valley ski pass, ski & boot hire, emergency medical and emergency sports accident insurance, ski tuition and other winter activities and events.
  • How do I get to resort?
    We provide transport to and from Verbier. We book flights into Geneva airport, followed by a drive to Verbier (2 hours).
  • How long is the season?
    The winter season is from mid-December to mid-April.
  • Is there staff training before the season starts?
    We offer 2 weeks of orientation before our first guests arrive! You can expect team talks, resort orientation, social evenings, wine tasting, cook-offs, cleaning chalets, polishing vans and much more!
  • What can I expect from the seasonal staff accommodation?
    We like to think we offer some of the best accommodation for seasonal staff in the Alps. All of our accommodation is within Verbier and walking distance to the chalets (what a beautiful commute!). The majority of our staff live together, most rooms available are twin rooms or doubles (for couples) with a few rooms being private.

Fun is at the very heart of what we do. We want this to spill over into every aspect of our business and align with our values of Live. Inspire. Repeat. This approach, which we are very proud of, is also something we are fiercely protective of – it differentiates us from every other chalet operator and has led us to where we are today.

If you have snow running through your veins, love being part of a high-performing team and have previous hospitality experience we would love to hear from you!