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Private Jet Verbier Experience

When only the very best will do, the private jet Verbier experience elevates your holiday from great to once in a lifetime.

Having recently had the opportunity to sample a private jet Verbier charter with Volare, I can’t recommend the experience highly enough.   Granted, it’s not the cheapest way to travel, but, if there’s a group of you, it’s not as expensive as you might think.   There are any number of excellent reasons to indulge in private air travel.  Here are my top 10:

1.No getting up half an hour before you’ve gone to bed to catch an unfeasibly early flight from the other end of the country. You can fly pretty much at any time of your choosing.  After a short journey to a small, local airport there is faff-free parking right outside the terminal door.

2. No last-minute panic balancing of your luggage on the bathroom scales. Weight allowance is simply not an issue.

3. No queuing. Ever. Not for passport control, not for security and neither for boarding nor leaving the plane. Remember, even if you have the patience of a saint, when it comes to queuing, your children do not.

4. No waiting either. You don’t have to turn up hours in advance for your flight.  Merely leave enough time for a cup of coffee and a quick scan of the newspapers in a quiet, comfortable departure suite.

5. No missing the flight. If one of your party is running late, they’ll hold the plane for you. Simple as that…

6. No jostling for elbow room. This is less of a plane and more of a living room with wings… Vast, comfortable, reclining chairs which even pivot to allow you to converse more easily with your chums.

7. No plastic food eaten from plastic pots with plastic cutlery. You can arrange to eat whatever you want on your flight. Personally, I find a bacon buttie washed down with a bottle of bubbly never fails to hit the spot.

8. No rude, bossy aircrew. Should you fall asleep knees akimbo, no grumpy stewardess is going to jeopardise your skiing prowess by splitting your patella in half with a well-aimed snack trolley.

9. No dithering about in mid-air, or on arrival. The descent into Sion airport is never beset by interminable holding patterns.  Just a wonderful swoop through the valleys with incredible views of the Matterhorn and the Bernese Oberland. Step off the jet straight into a waiting transfer and, 40 minutes later, you’re in Verbier. So, that’s Chipping Norton to the Top of Mont Fort in four hours. Now that’s what I call travelling.

10. What’s more, you get to do all of this all over again on your way home…

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