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Verbier is famous for its big mountains, its beauty and for its sense of adventure. If there’s one place that personifies all of this, it’s Mont Fort. Verbier’s equivalent to Paris’s ‘Place de la Concorde’, Mont Fort is the highest peak in the 4 Valleys area, offering both ease of access and extraordinary beauty. To many within our team, it’s their favourite mountain.

The mountain is cloaked in glaciers. The largest is the Glacier de Tortin, home to the mountain’s only piste. The descent begins with steep moguls, followed by a sweeping red run of perfect corduroy. The second largest is the Glacier du Mont Fort, on the north face, whilst the Glacier du Petit Mont Fort lies to the east. There are no glaciers on the south side of the mountain, only a shimmering small lake named Lac du Petit Mont Fort.

Quintessential Swiss Alps views roll along every vista. Perched at an altitude of 3,330 metres, Mont Fort is just four cable car rides from Verbier. Our team agree it’s an experience not to be missed, be it in summer or winter. Breathing in the crisp, clean Swiss mountain air which is at its best around Mont Fort, the sweeping 360-degree panorama takes your breath away. The Matterhorn, the Dent d’Hérens, the Grand Combin, Mont Blanc and a countless other peaks surround you.

And what better time to take in Mont Fort than during sunrise? One of nature’s true joys, the sky turns many vibrant colours until the first rays of sunshine appear, painting the panoramic views over the surrounding mountains, and delivering a revitalising sunrise. This activity is available every Thursday from 9 July to 13 August and on Saturdays 18 July, 25 July, 1 and 15 August.

A continental or American-style breakfast is included in the package, and is served at the Les Gentianes igloo restaurant. The pass is valid on all lifts for the rest of the day. There are several hikes available which are suitable for either strollers or hikers. Enjoy the 360° view from the thop on some of the most beautiful peaks of the Alps!

Or for those wishing for a more adrenalin filled experience, thrills are guaranteed by the world’s highest zip line. Hurtle through the mountains at speeds of up to 130 km/h over a mile-long route over the Glacier de Tortin, descending 400m to the Col de Gentiannes in barely a minute. The thought alone is enough to set your pulse racing. Suffice to say that this new attraction is now one of Verbier’s most popular experiences, much sought-after by the adrenalin junkies of all ages that flock to Verbier every year.


Tom Avery
Founder and Managing Director


Tom Avery

Author Tom Avery

Tom is a British explorer, author and motivational speaker. He made record-breaking journeys to the South Pole in 2002 and to the North Pole in 2005. He is one of fewer than ten people throughout history to have completed the Polar Trilogy; full length expeditions to the South Pole and North Pole and a coast to coast crossing of Greenland. He is also the youngest Briton to have reached both the North and South Poles on foot.

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