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With 30 years’ experience of organising luxury chalet holidays in Verbier, we would like to share our thoughts on Verbier Winter Vs Australian Summer?

Northern Hemisphere Vs Southern Hemisphere

There is something rather bubble-like to a ski resort. As if anything ‘down the mountain’ fades into a distant memory. When you’re surrounded by snow, clothed in several thermal layers amongst freezing temperatures and have the crisp alpine air in your lungs, it’s completely impossible to imagine being anywhere else or that anywhere else even exists. Yet, while our winter ski season gets underway every December and Verbier is blanketed under a thick layer of snow, across the other side of the world our Australian friends are enjoying their warmest climates of the year and Summer is in full swing. It’s a concept hard to get your head around! The Australian summer covers December, January and February which makes an alpine ski holiday in Verbier the perfect ‘summer holiday’ destination.

It’s a long way to travel so we find many of our Australian guests choose to stay for more than a week which makes perfect sense. It means the pressure is off to ski all day every day and there’s the opportunity to take some ‘ski time off’. Perhaps enjoy a spa day, a trip down the mountain, a scenic heli tour maybe or just choose to relax in your alpine home-from-home. We would never try to compete with Australians on the barbeque front, but we can offer what we would call the Swiss equivalent. It’s a non-negotiable must try for anyone coming to Verbier (from Australia or elsewhere for that matter!), who might be a grilled-meat lover, may I present “Potence”. We won’t go into any more detail here, but just make sure you try it when you come! I’m afraid to say (sorry Aussie friends), we would argue it’s better than any ‘barbie’! We would even argue that a goggle tan beats a t-shirt tan any day…

Like all schools in the UK, the longest Australian school holidays are during their Summer, so the timing is perfect to enjoy an extended festive break or an early to mid-January stay when our prices are at their lowest and availability is strong. This season, we are welcoming more international guests than ever before (even pre-Covid), and we are so happy that even more Australian groups are choosing to make the long journey now that travel restrictions are a thing of the past. It really is worth the distance, we promise.