1. Is Verbier going to be open for the 2020/21 season?

Verbier has been open since October 30th 2020! All lifts, shops and services are open in accordance with the FOPH’s (Swiss Federal Office of Public Health) measures and in accordance with the official Covid 19 Clean & Safe program. We are very much looking forward to welcoming our guests, albeit with additional measures in place that are in line with the government guidelines. The good news is the Swiss government has given all ski lifts in Switzerland official public transport status.  This means they will be one of the last things to close should a second wave take hold.  Although all government policy is subject to change we see this as a hugely positive indication for Verbier remaining open for the season.

We are lucky to be based in Switzerland where skiing is such an important part of the national identity.  The lifts are already open and keeping them open this winter is a priority for Televerbier.   Ski Verbier Exclusive, the resort of Verbier and all its service providers are working together to make your stay in Verbier as safe and as comfortable as possible.

2. Is the Ski Verbier Exclusive office open?

Yes, our offices in both Chipping Norton and Verbier are very much open.  As ever, we are contactable 7 days a week.

3. Will your service be different this season?

We have no intention of changing our exceptional, high-quality service. Our wonderful resort team of professional chefs, chalets hosts, drivers and managers will be as brilliant as they always are!  We are also lucky that so many of the team have worked for us for multiple winters.

Regrettably there will have to be a few differences to our service.  Namely, all our staff will be wearing masks whilst in the chalets and vans.  They will also have to respect Swiss social distancing guidelines. We will provide hand sanitiser in our chalets.   Additional cleaning in the vans will take place between journeys.    To allow for the meticulous cleaning of our chalets we have brought check-out time forward to 10am.    However, whilst we have additional measures in place as required by the Swiss authorities, the Ski Verbier Exclusive magic will not be compromised.    Rest assured, we have your best interests at heart.  And, as always, we will be going out of our way to provide you with the holiday you deserve.

4. What happens if I am required to quarantine upon arrival in Switzerland?

Guests arriving in Switzerland from a small number of European countries are currently required to quarantine on entry for 10 days.  The list of countries can be found here and is updated every two to three weeks by the Swiss government. Furthermore, the Swiss Department of Immigration has drawn up a list of High Risk Countries, primarily from outside Europe, from where arrivals are subject to further restrictions.  That list can be found here.  Everybody else can travel freely through Switzerland as normal, without the need to quarantine.  We are monitoring the situation very closely so please contact us if you any specific questions about your particular travel plans.

5. How does quarantine upon arrival in Switzerland affect my booking?

Ski Verbier Exclusive will always work with you for the best outcome of your holiday. We appreciate everyone’s situations are different and like you, we really want you to have your holiday! We will keep in close touch during the lead-up to your stay. If the country you are arriving from, or any country you have visited in the previous 10 days, is on the Swiss quarantine list or High-Risk list at the time of travel, our Covid-19 terms would be triggered whereby Ski Verbier Exclusive will:

  • Rollover your booking for the same chalet and the same dates in 12 months’ time; or
  • Provide a credit to be used on any Ski Verbier Exclusive holiday, valid for 18 months from the date of cancellation (see the clause below) due to the above issues; or
  • Pay a 75% refund to the account used to book the holiday within 14 days of cancellation. Ski Verbier Exclusive will retain 25% in order to compensate for expenses incurred.

6. What happens if I have to quarantine when I return home?

As this does not affect Ski Verbier Exclusive’s ability to provide your holiday, this regrettably would not trigger our Covid-19 terms. A lot of countries are reviewing their inbound quarantine regulations in order to minimise disruption to travellers. For example, on December 15th 2020 the UK government reduced the quarantine time for international arrivals from 14 days to 10 days, and as low as 5 days on production of a negative Covid-19 test.

7. What happens if I cannot travel due to illness?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide any refund or rollover option in the event that you cannot travel because you have developed Covid-19 symptoms, have received a positive Covid-19 test result prior to your departure, or if you fall ill for any other medical reason before your holiday. As part of our booking conditions, we recommend you take out adequate insurance to cover cancellation due to medical reasons so this should already be covered.

8. What happens if I cannot travel due to Covid-19 travel restrictions?

For guests travelling to Verbier from outside Switzerland, border controls preventing entry into Switzerland would trigger one of our rollover or refund options.

9. Am I entitled to a full refund if the holiday can’t go ahead?

If you choose not to take our rollover option (whereby we will rollover your booking to the same week the following season) we will provide you with a 75% refund. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide a full refund because we have significant operational running costs throughout the year.

10. What happens if Verbier is closed?

Where Verbier the resort and/or the Verbier lift system has been shut or there is a plan for their closure during your scheduled stay through Government intervention due to Covid-19, our Covid-19 terms would be triggered and you will be entitled to one of our three remedies as detailed above.

11. What if the resort is open but on limited capacity?

In this instance, because we are still able to provide your holiday, our Covid-19 terms would not be triggered.

12. What if one of my party develops Covid-19 symptoms during our holiday?

Our supplementary Covid-19 terms do not apply once your stay has commenced so unfortunately would not be triggered in these circumstances. An adequate insurance policy which you will have taken out upon booking should cover this.

13. How can I safely travel to resort?

Some guests may feel apprehensive about travelling to Verbier via an airport. The good news is there are other options to consider. For example, driving to resort is not as daunting as it sounds! Verbier is one of the most straightforward resorts to reach by road, with a journey time of less than 8 hours from Calais, 4 hours from the Côte d’Azur or under 3 hours from Milan or Zurich.  We can also provide safe garage and private parking solutions at most of our chalets.  Alternatively, a private jet offers complete exclusivity and limits interaction with others.  Please contact us for further information or quotes from our private jet partners Volare Aviation.

14. What are the guidelines for restaurants and bars in resort?

The canton of Valais (Verbier’s regional government) have implemented further measures to combat the pandemic.  Restaurants must now close by 10pm.  Table numbers are limited to 4 (larger families can sit together, provided children are aged 16 or under).  The wearing of masks is compulsory (from the age of 12yrs) within the establishment until guests are seated. Consumption of food and drink is only possible while seated at a table or bar whether inside or outside.  The wearing of masks is compulsory outside on Verbier’s busiest street, which is between Place Centrale and the main Medran lift station.  We will of course keep this page updated with any changes to these rules.

15. How many people are allowed to stay in a chalet?

At the moment, Swiss regulations are limiting ‘private gatherings’ to 10 people. Therefore, we are only able to accommodate bookings of this size but remain hopeful that the regulations will be revised in the new year. Children of all ages are included and count towards this number, however staff working in the chalet do not.

16. For British holidaymakers, the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) currently advises against all but essential travel to Switzerland.  I still want to come on holiday to Verbier, so how can I get travel insurance?

One of the conditions of booking a Ski Verbier Exclusive holiday is that you have appropriate travel insurance for your holiday.  Not many UK travel insurance companies are offering policies at the moment for visits to countries to which the FCDO are advising against travel.  However, winter sports specialists MPI Brokers* are one of the few UK insurers who will provide travel insurance cover for those travelling against an FCDO warning.   However, there would just be no cover for the reason why the FCDO is warning against travel.  In other words, you would be covered for  everything except Covid related issues.

We have worked with MPI Brokers for many years.  As a result, they are giving our guests a 10% online discount. Please click here to get your winter sports travel insurance quote from MPI Brokers.
*Please note MPI Brokers can only provide cover for UK and Irish residents and UK and Irish passport holders residing in the EU.